artist statement

Years ago, as a photographer, I spent much time taking pictures of old walls, abandoned buildings and factories, broken facades and the soft ground, marked and wounded by tires. I saw great beauty and poetry in abandoned places; but it was never about romanticized aesthetics or the obvious social or political things.

What draws me to the destruction, which time and a changing economy bring to our physical world, is the lack of any recognizable meaning: it is puzzling, but I feel no need to understand or explain it. Instead, I want to hold that ambiguity, weather it.

My recent sculptural work focuses on textures, forms, and marks, inspired by those crumbling, abused walls and surfaces, but without trying to copy, or reproduce them. With my drawings too, I am creating a collage effect of random marks, words, all arranged in erratic or unspecified ways.

I am interested in creating unidentifiable, unnamable objects, in a world obsessed with commodifying and labeling every single thing.

The Italian artist Alberto Burri believed, that the human mind is capable of an infinite number of associations. So I am setting out to challenge the viewer, by not giving her or him any obvious or easily recognizable imagery or ideas.

I want to withdraw obvious meaning from my work, because in it’s absence, the viewer can look uninhibited, uninfluenced, and without too many expectations or preconceived ideas. And it is reflective of the reality of the physical world, which offers no explanations, and not much comfort or direction.

I hope that this lack of an ‘artist assigned’ meaning, might create an openness, a surprise (over the unexpected beauty of a specific shape, mark, or texture perhaps?), or it could trigger sadness or melancholy over the brokenness of our world, as some might make that association when looking at my work. We must not despair over the brokenness of the world though. All things break.

And what might look like disorder and brokenness in human terms might be perfect order and harmony in cosmic terms.


My work is trying to hint to that possibility.